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Please make sure you've filled in all input fields. Inputs take values from 0 to 9999. Seconds per evolution takes values from 1 to 60.

1. Transfer before activating a Lucky Egg:
{{pokemon.transfers}} {{pokemon.name}}
2. Use Egg, then evolve and mass transfer:
{{pokemon.evolves}} {{pokemon.name}}
3. Further evolve and then mass transfer:
{{newPokemon.evolves}} {{newPokemon.name}}
· Time spent evolving: {{totalEvolutionTimeMinutes}} minutes
· XP gained from evolving: {{totalXP}} XP
· You should use {{eggsToUse}} Lucky Eggs
· You need {{howManyMore}} more evolutions first!
What is this?
PidgeyCalc is a calculator used to determine if you have enough resources to make the best use of a Lucky Egg.
What is a Lucky Egg?
Lucky Eggs are items in Pokémon Go that give double XP for 30 minutes.
Cool, so what do I do with it?
The fastest way to gain XP and level up in Pokémon Go is to mass evolve all your Pokémon during an active Lucky Egg. By entering the amount of each Pokémon you have along with its Candies, PidgeyCalc will determine if you should use a Lucky Egg yet or not.
How do I use this calculator?
To get started, enter the amount of Caterpies, Pidgeys, and Weedles, along with its Candies, above. To add more Pokémon, search for them in the dropdown list and then press the green + button. If you want to transfer a Pokémon once you've evolved it, select the checkbox. Once you're ready, hit Calculate! PidgeyCalc automatically saves your data once you hit Calculate so you can pick up right where you left off next time.
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